The Benefits of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

The Benefits of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar is a variety of vinegar which has not been distilled, processed, heated or filtered. Its acidity content is only 5 per cent. As the name itself suggests, this vinegar is made from raw apple cider. Apple cider vinegar is different from other natural vinegar mainly because of its unique properties. The bacteria and nutrients which are present in apple cider vinegar are very beneficial. There are many benefits derived from this form of vinegar and it is possesses valuable medicinal properties as well. When you make use of apple cider vinegar for its nutritional and medicinal benefits, make it a point to get only the organic vinegar.

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Diabetic diet for managing diabetes

Diabetic diet foodsDiabetic diet is helpful for diabetic patients who need to balance food intake so that the sugar levels in the body can be under control. Managing diabetes isn’t easy as it is purely dependent on the food intake, hence extreme care should be taken by diabetic patients in order to combat the possibility of increasing sugar levels in the body. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins are absolutely required for the proper functioning of the body. For a diabetic patient, the nutrients that are required for the body vary from a non-diabetic patient.

Diet guidelines for diabetes

The general rule of any diabetic patient is to avoid sugar intake as the sugar levels are already high in the blood. Apart from this as the digestive system functions slowly for a diabetic patient extreme care should be taken to have a proper balance in their meals. The other key factor is that they should ensure timely consumption of food. Excess gap between meals wouldn’t benefit a diabetic patient as they would need constant nutrient supply to keep sugar levels under control. Carbohydrates are found in rice, flour, cereals, lentils which are useful in keeping the digestive track clear by ensuring proper fiber intake. High fiber works well for diabetes as it can be digested easily and is filling too. When a diabetic patient is hungry, he or she should opt for a slice of whole wheat bread instead of scurrying for a bag of chips.

Diabetic dietProtein rich foods like milk, egg, meat are also required for the body. However a diabetic patient should avoid consumption of red meat and egg yolk as they can increase cholesterol levels in the body, which would in turn make it difficult for the body to fight with the raising sugar levels. Warm milk, preferably low fat skimmed milk would help the body to fight with hunger throughout the night. Also, most diabetic patients suffer with insomnia, so warm milk can be helpful in bringing in the needful sleep.

Fats are required for the body – however, high-fat foods are a definite no for a diabetic patient. They should avoid foods like cream, cheese, butter, jam, soft drinks. If a person is overweight and is diagnosed with diabetes, they should ensure proper care by starting a proper workout schedule. Normally diabetic patients can notice a considerable weight loss, but some keep putting on weight because of improper balance of diet. Hence the diabetic diet should be rich in carbohydrates and protein in order to reduce the consumption of fats.

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Begin the day with breakfast which includes whole grains, oats or whole wheat bread. Walnuts, almonds and apricots are very good for a diabetic patient. These can be kept handy to be consumed whenever one needs a quick snack. Chicken and fish is also good to consume for lunch and it can be digested easily are high source of protein. There are many natural remedies that can be included as part of the diabetic diet in order to keep diabetes under control.